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The Bandsintown block displays the list of concert dates for an artist.
To add a "Bandsintown" block to a page:

  • Check that the artist owns an account on Bandsintown
  • Check the concert dates to be referenced on Bandsintown
  • Open the page where the "Bandsintown" block should be added
  • Click "Add content" where the "Bandsintown" block should be placed on the page.
  • Click on the "Bandsintown" icon

By clicking on this block, the form of the block appears:

  • Enter the name of the artist referenced on Bandsintown
  • Click "OK"

If the artist is well referenced on the site and concert dates are to come, the dates are automatically displayed with buttons allowing the reservation.

Good to know

Any new date added to the artist's agenda on Bandsintown will automatically appear in the "Bandsintown" block on the site.

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