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Enabling and disabling referencing of your site on Google

Indexing your website is giving go-ahead to Google robots to browse all pages of your site, copy the content and store it on search engine servers.

To enable indexing on Google:

  • Click "Site Settings" and then "My Site on Google"
  • Enable the indexing option
  • Click "Ok" at the bottom of the panel

Good to know

To be well positioned in search engine results, it is necessary but not enough to allow Google to index your site. It is also very important to follow best practices to optimize the SEO of each of your pages and your images: SEO title , SEO description, SEO for images.

If you wish to remove pages of your site from google index only users who know the exact address of your site (www.) will be able to access it. Google will no longer show your site in the results of its engine.

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