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How BackBee works?

BackBee makes it easy to create your website and edit content directly in your web pages.

BackBee’s user-friendly back office was designed specifically to facilitate the creation and management of your website. 


How to connect to your backbee website?

After creating an account and choosing your template on, the address of your new site is sent to you by email.

By clicking on the URL (www address of your new website) you will be taken to the homepage of your site.

Your site originally contains fictitious content. This content is present to suggest a layout, a relevant web ergonomics.

Now it's about integrating your actual content. For this you need to use the back office of BackBee.

To connect to the back office from a desktop computer, type: CTR + ALT + B and enter your username and password when selecting your template on

To connect to the back office from a mobile device, tap the screen 5 times and enter your username and password you chose when selecting your template on

How do I create my site and manage its content?

Here are the few steps you need to follow to publish your website after choosing your template:

  1. You create pages
  2. You insert content types in your pages (text blocks, image blocks, sharing blocks ...)
  3. You enter your text and add your pictures
  4. You organize your navigation menu
  5. You inform the SEO elements (SEO for the search engines)
  6. You publish

... and your site is online!

Good to know

  • Don’t forget to optimize the URL of your site (your Internet address) to make sure that www. Is user-friendly for Internet users. The URL can be changed via your account on
  • With a bit of practice you will gradually use all the power of BackBee. 

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