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The "List" block automatically highlights links to one or more other pages in a page using a tag system. This block is useful to suggest other pages to a visitor viewing a page.
This block is an automated solution that is managed by tag. See also the "Focus" block to manually highlight your links to other pages.

To make a list of pages per tag:

  • Create a tag
    (Example: create a "Design" tag to create a list of pages that will be highlighted when viewing related "Design" content)
  • Associate the pages with the tag.
    (Example: each page created on the design must be associated with the "Design" tag)

Having linked pages to categories, you can now link to these pages via the "List" block.

  • Go to the page where the "List" block is to be added.
  • Click "Add Content" to where the "List" block should be placed on the page.
  • Click on the "List"

By clicking on this block, its form appears:

  • Type the desired category in the "category" field: the existing categories are proposed
  • Click on the desired category
  • Click "OK"

All pages of the site with the selected category are displayed automatically.

See example below:

Good to know

Via the settings icon of the parameters of the "Focus" block, you can act on the following parameters:

  • The number of pages to display
  • Whether or not to display the first "x" items in the list
  • The position of the text in relation to its image
  • Whether or not the image is displayed
  • Whether or not to display excerpt
  • Whether or not to display the date of publication
  • The number of characters in the title
  • The number of characters in the excerpt
  • The number of pages per line
  • Whether or not the paging system is used

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