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The "Focus" block highlights, in a page, links to one or more other pages. This block is therefore useful to suggest to a visitor who consults a page, to read also other pages.
See also the "Automatic list" block to automate the highlighting system of your pages.

To add a block "Manual list" to a page

  • Open the page where the "Focus" block is to be added.
  • Click "Add Content" where the "Focus" block should be placed on the page.
  • Click on the "Focus" icon

By clicking on this block, its form appears:

To select the page(s) to be highlighted:

  • Search the page title in the search engine
  • Click on the page

The page appears as a row

  • Add as many pages as necessary
  • Drag and drop the rows to order the pages

The manually selected pages are displayed as thumbnails as the example below:

Good to know

Via the settings icon of the parameters of the "Focus" block, you can act on the following parameters:

  • The position of the text in relation to its thumbnail
  • Whether or not the thumbnail is displayed
  • Whether the excerpt is displayed or not
  • Whether or not the date of publication is displayed
  • The number of characters in the title
  • The number of characters in the excerpt

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